A brief timeline of Web Authentication (WebAuthn)

…And how support grew at companies including Google, Apple, GitHub, Twitter and Yubico.

Web Authentication has slowly and in some cases quietly been building up momentum across the web for several years now, the pace is now speeding up quite rapidly. Here’s a list of some dates we’ve found interesting to follow the history of this new technology as it’s emerged and grown, and thought you may find interesting too!

31st May 2016First Public Working Draft Specification by editors at Google, Microsoft, Nok Nok Labs and PayPal
23rd July 2018Google reportedly eliminate phishing of staff accounts entirely through use of external security keys such as Titan
10th April 2018Yubico releases the Security Key (YubiKey) implementing FIDO2 and WebAuthn
11th May 2018Firefox supports WebAuthn
31st May 2018Google Chrome supports WebAuthn
17th January 2019Level 1 specification became a W3 Proposed Recommendation
4th March 2019Level 1 specification became a W3 Recommendation
30th May 2019Twitter announces support
21st August 2019Github announces support
10th December 2019iOS 13.3 adds support
11th Feb 2020Apple joins FIDO
16th September 2020iOS 14 platform authentication support added (use of iPhone as authenticator)
1st April 2020Cloudflare announces support
21st April 2020WebAuthn community adoption group created
3rd June 2020Google adds support for WebAuthn security keys in Google services on iOS
19th October 2020WebKit blog post call for developers to begin testing TouchID and FaceID
22nd October 2020Google launches new WebAuthn tab for Chrome developer tools

Do you know any other important dates we should add? Drop a comment below or tag us on Twitter – @miokotech!

If you’re as excited about Web Authentication as we are, why not sign up and try out a free trial!

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